We offer very unique services to our clients.  We aim to provide you with all the resources, materials, coaching, and programs you need to achieve your fitness and health goals, as well as encouraging you on your healing journey.  

Because of that, we have a pay structure that is quite different from anywhere you've encountered before.

**We are not a NON-PROFIT.  We do NOT offer tax-deductible donations**

**No Strict Fees****No Packages****No Hourly Rates**
Because our desire is to help anyone and everyone who contacts us, we do not charge a fee for our services.  We do, however, accept donations on behalf of the business.

Your donation helps us "keep the doors open" per say.  We have a belief that everyone should be helped by our services, and that no one should be turned away if they cannot afford to pay.

Therefore, we have a revolutionary idea about accepting payment.  We believe that people who believe in our mission will be willing to support us in helping other families and children.

If you're one of those people who believes in us, please feel free to donate whatever you feel comfortable donating, and we'll use it help families build strength for generations.