Our Story

Our Health Journey

Our story began the summer of 2014 when our son, Raleigh, ate a small piece of a walnut, and we suddenly discovered we were the parents of a kid with food allergies. He was 14 months old. That single event was a fork in the road. We had to choose which way to go. I dove head first into the rabbit hole to find answers and solutions. We made the shift to eating organic, cooking at home from scratch and with the cleanest ingredients possible, making our own cleaning products, and the changes continued as we learned more about what natural living and real food was really about.

In 2016, Raleigh's eczema grew out of control. His asthma was ramping up and, as a whole, he was getting sicker. We were beside ourselves considering all of the changes we had made toward optimizing our health. Raleigh needed more, he needed a healing diet and that is when we found the GAPS diet. In June of 2017 Raleigh began the GAPS diet. The past year we have spent healing Raleigh on GAPS has truly taught us many things about how food is medicine and the desire to help others has grown out of this incredibly difficult life challenge.

Our Fitness Journey

In the summer of 2017, I was fed up with being overweight and unhealthy. I was tired of looking dissatisfied at myself in the mirror. Also, I was tired of being told what I could and couldn't do during my personal journey in basketball officiating because I didn't look the right way. Therefore, I decided to do something about it. It all began with a diet, then a workout program, then some podcasts, and then dedication and hard-work. During the past year I've lost 40 lbs, put on significant muscle, and learned how to take an out-of-shape, 30-something father who works 3 jobs, and turn him into a dedicated, healthy, lively, and muscle-building machine! My journey isn't finished, but I've learned more about motivation and hard-work over this last year than I had in the previous decade. I'm here to help you discover your own goals and provide the means for you to achieve them in real, sustainable, healthy ways.